The Unconcealing

Truth stalks the sleeping shadows of a silent cancer ward.
Truth bleeds from open wounds in the post-mortem of war.
Truth swells within the space where bugle Taps arise.
The forgotten ... never lie.

Truth flows among contaminants throughout our aquifer.
Truth masses with pollutants we inhale with our air.
Truth clouds 'n blows 'n squalls: a tempest in our skies.
The forgotten ... never lie.

Truth drinks alone on Christmas. Truth drinks without his kids.
Truth drinks a toast of sorrow. Truth drinks with whom he's with.
Truth trips the night fantastic, then crawls in bed with another man's wife.
The forgotten ... never lie.

Truth lingers in the silence that legislates our past.
Truth suffers pangs of hunger in a partisan broadcast.
Truth collapses in the indifference of profitable, abstract lies.
The forgotten ... never lie.

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