A Recursive Review

CaryUtterberg.com is an amalgamation of poetry, song, fiction, chess, diverse reviews, and unexpected miscellany. Utterberg's work is a unique blend of insight and humor, surface and depth, in and out, salad fork and dinner fork, and the grasslands of Nebraska. His is an arrogance willing to ply in multiple forms, a restlessness refusing to settle for more than one day in any particular Motel 6. Yet the writing of Utterberg exhibits no style, unless we believe that cohesion can be provided by an eccentric, albeit original, personality.

Characteristically, he pays tribute to his own website in the site's own A Recursive Review. Beneath this review, we sense the author's almost ridiculous egotism, a conceit that intimates in the very first paragraph that the author's eccentric, albeit original, personality can provide cohesion to his hopelessly eclectic writing.

The second paragraph continues with an even more distasteful false-modesty, continuing to parade himself before the reader without even discussing a specific work--the traditional opus that creates separation between author and audience. Or is A Recursive Review meant to maintain this distance? If so, it is a hopeless failure, since by now any continuation amounts to further self-indulgence. An author with a superior aesthetic sense would immediately cease the review upon this note, before his arrogance shows too clearly.